Monday, August 20, 2007

Running trains ...

So over the weekend I unfortunately did not get a lot of time to work on the layout. But I did spend some wonderful time with the family on Sunday and a day out on the water on Saturday fishing. Though no fish were brought home it was a fun filled weekend. Now we are back to focusing back on the layout. I have read different approaches on laying the ballast within the freight yard and can now see that I need a little more glue into the ballast that is there. Then the clean up of the rails and ties can begin. One of the things that have bothered me is that we have not run trains. In almost 2 years we have not run trains. What I would like for us to begin is a process to get the tracks clean so that we are able to run trains as well build. I think we would gather even more enjoyment from the layout with that happening. Agreed we have much cleaning to do, I think we are going to focus on this so that we are able to get some freight moving over the rails. So my question is how many are running and building? or building and waiting to run trains?

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