Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Retaining walls ...

We worked on two portions of the layout yesterday. One being the retaining wall along the edge of the freight yard and the other being the interlocking tower area. With the interlocking tower we placed a retaining wall and moved out the level ground a little to allow the access road to flow a little better through the area. We had cast a resin stone wall, a few months back using the Resin Casting Kit from Bragdon Enterprises and found the product still very usable and pliable for our needs as we wanted a curved stone retaining wall in that place. Also the wooden retaining wall we had designed was put into place and both walls secured and blended into the landscape with Sculpta-Mold. Initial results from both projects are looking promising. We did secure a little more ballast. Wow this is a task I do not see the end anytime soon but will be very happy when it is. Make sure you check out the J & C Railroad Gallery on the home page for pictures of these projects and more.

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