Thursday, August 9, 2007

And the ballast continues ...

I worked on a little more on the ballasting of the mainline leading into Mt. Dew curve. As I write what I am doing it occurs to me that not many but the voices in my head know where I am talking about and that we do not have a track plan written out. Makes a note and puts that on my To-Do list. I did finish the main part of ballast that I wanted to accomplish on the out side edge of the freight yard and now can work on touch up and then ballasting of the freight yard itself. With that I will be able to start some type of ground cover but so far I am very pleased with how it is beginning to look. It is very, very time consuming and can see why many articles that I read this is a piece that is the bane to many a model railroad. I did finalize the placement of the engine yard / freight yard retaining wall so next is repainting and working on the gravel road. I am going to add a little more on the forum on things I am learning about the Digitrax system and a section regarding ballast. Makes another note as I will work on my Tips & Tricks for the ballasting as well.

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