Friday, August 3, 2007

The whole picture ...

Trying to hold on and not fall off of the moving train. The additions to the site almost feel like they are arriving at a lightening pace. Check the News section of the site for more details. As we have mentioned there have been trial and tribulations, lesson learned and not learned sometime but it is always and enjoyable adventure. One of the things that I have to keep remembering is that the layout not too much unlike life is a journey. With that I am finding that taking the layout and breaking it into smaller pieces is an easier way to wrap my arms around all that needs to be done. If you are to look at the layout as a whole it can often be very daunting and at times frustrating. It is a hobby after all and with that I would like to enjoy it. With that said we have taken the freight Yard leg of the layout and we are going to focus on its completion before stretching our arms and resources over the rest. Wish us luck and we will post updates as they are made.

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