Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Changes made ...

I haven't posted within the blog it seems for a while. I have been making changes to the site as we make changes, move forward and try new things. We have moved our old forum to a new location as the advertising that was being shown on the "free" forum was not something that I nor David wished to be reflected upon the site. So with that I am in the process of getting the new one up and going. Hopefully we will get a few more to join as members and get it to be a viable option for us to discuss and ask our questions. We are working on 3 different things on the layout currently. We have come up with a new track plan for the Grain / Freight Distribution area and while working on that area we are trying oout something new for the roadbed of that area. I have also installed my first rotary beacon on a SOO SD60. Now the rest of the fleet are in trouble. My writeup of this is posted on the site. And the third project is completing the Old Grizzly Trestle. it is moving forward and hopefully it will begin to move at even a quiker pace. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

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