Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Old Grizzly Gulch Trestle ...

I have finally started on the bridge and have made some good progress. Pictures will be posted on the website today. Due to the weather in western Washington (not spring yet for us it seems) it was a little chilly in the train room so I moved my supplies and bridge upstairs to work on. Why I don't do this more in the winter I am not sure. Here is my key learning thing from assembling the bridge deck last night. Measure once, Measure twice, Double check and then cut. I made a mistake and cut both of the runners along the bottom of the deck incorrectly. Thankfully model glue reassembled it for me and I think once all is assembled and painted it will be difficult to truly notice. I will be working with SculptaMold tonight to add to the cliff sides to that the timber bents will have a place to rest. I will also need to modify the middle supports as the river is a tad further away from the bridge than the kit would accommodate. Check back soon as the bridge closes on to completion (crosses my fingers).

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