Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new month and new progress ...

So it is a new month and new thing to learn. Our site has broken the 100 hit plateau and just as I enjoy watching our layout take shape, I am also happy that the website seems to be finding a place as well. I hope that the site is a welcomed stop for some as they continue their own travels during the building of their layouts. Please sign up for our free forum so that we can get to know you also. I have found the numerous forums out there to be a valuable asset and resource; I hope that one day ours will be as well. Currently, David and I are still working on the Freight Yard leg of the layout. David’s concentration as been within the Engine Service Facility. He is working on creating the Fueling and Service Pad next to the turntable. It is coming together very well and he will be posting his thoughts soon on this project. My attention has been on a background building. We have many building on the layout but are any completed? Not really. So I am working on getting this one to the done state and with that I am practicing my weathering and painting of the building as well. This is my first attempt at this but I am pretty happy on how it is coming together. Check out our gallery to see pictures of my progress thus far. I have also stripped away the paint and decals from the GP40 as I prepare it for the Tacoma Rail paint job. I am awaiting some specifications from Tacoma Rail on the paint scheme so I will give updates on this at a later time along with the review of the paint striping that I had done.

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